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TT - Introducing Think-tanks 1: Notre Europe

Notre Europe - Thinking a united Europe

""Notre Europe is an European think tank founded by Jacques Delors in 1996 and based in Paris. Its aim is to "think a united Europe". Exclusives interviews of Jacques Delors, Founding President, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Former President, Elisabeth Guigou, member of the Board of Directors and Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul, Secretary General. For more informations: "

The Notre Europe's Committee

(formerly European Steering Committee-ESC) regularly brings together high-profile European personalities in order to debate issues fundamental for the future of the Union (economic and social cohesion in an enlarged Europe, the Federation of Nation States, the fight against organised crime in Europe, reform of institutions, etc). It sets the direction of Notre Europe's research and formulates possible future directions for the European project. These debates are a source of inspiration in Notre Europe's daily work.
"On 9 May 1950, the Schuman declaration lay down the foundations of the most beautiful political project of the 20th Century: the reconciliation of peoples and the anchoring of a lasting peace in European integration, with as its corner stone the European Coal and Steel Community. Five years later, with the Treaty of Rome, the European Economic Community was born. The Union celebrated its anniversary on 25 March 2007. Today, the outcome speaks for itself: a deepened integration via three major revisions of the Treaty of Rome, an enlargement from 6 to 9, 10, 12, 15 and finally 25, soon 27 member States, a realm of peace, a single market and currency, a corpus of common policies...."

"This directory of think tanks represents a balanced selection of organisations which focus on European issues..."


Media & Articles

A) Media:

B) Articles:
1/ The euro is not "in crisis"
"...on the contrary, it is in very good shape as its exchange rate established itself at over 1.4 US dollars in this second part of the month of July - with the disadvantages (for the cost competitiveness of the European products) but also the advantages (especially in terms of energy bills) that this entails. So it would be preferable to refer to the other "crises" that we are experiencing, whilst being more aware that the way in which they are highlighted has very different impacts on the priorities appearing on the agenda of European decision-makers and on the perception of public opinions."
Source: The euro and the "crises"


[Mrt: Seems a very influential and important TT. Has very much of information in media, files. If you find something freegold related let me know.]

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