Thursday, January 19, 2017

CIA - 1967 - An article about Gold Standard

Mr. BREWSTER. Mr. President, whenever the subject of the gold standard is raised as a topic of conversation, invariably a great deal of misinformation is presented. 

The Washington Post on Sunday, December 3, 1967, published an article entitled, "It's Just a Lot of Bullion,"
by Mr. Harvey H. Segal, that clearly sets forth the facts concerning the value of gold

-> The idea of closing the Gold window was floating in 1967, implemented by Nixon in 71.


CIA - 1971 Intelligence Memorandum - The World Gold Market - A Semiannual review

Covers aspects as Soviet and South African gold sales in details, and cover UK, Switzerland role in the market. Burma and Turkey had BoP difficulties and sold to US.