Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NE - The American Federal Reserve system: functioning and accountability

 The American Federal Reserve system: functioning and accountability
√Čtude | 15/04/1999

"The approach to this report was journalistic, starting with the basic outline, which is built around ten very frequently asked questions :

  •    What is the legal-constitutional basis for the Federal Reserve System's power?
  •    How is the Fed structured today?
  •    Why did it take 122 years to get there?
  •    To whom is the Fed accountable?
  •    Why have the Fed's strongest critics been unable to significantly change the way it operates?
  •    What accounts for the memorable impact of William McChesney Martin, Jr.?
  •    What motivated and helped Paul Volcker to successfully combat double-digit inflation, while presiding over a recession?
  •    Why and how has Alan Greenspan remained so popular?
  •    Where do the media fit into the Fed's approach to accountability?
  •    Can the Fed provide any lessons for other democracies?"

 Source: http://www.notre-europe.eu/en/axes/europe-and-world-governance/works/publication/the-american-federal-reserve-system-functioning-and-accountability/

[Mrt: Note - this is by NotreEurope and it debunks very many conspiracy theories.
         This time I am not gonna to extract some teasers, just go and read it, you will find out that the ECB is most democratic/independent of CBs, about the topics presented above and much more...
         For Wendy and her research on Central Banking.]

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