Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IMS - "International Monetary System" by Banque de France

 "International Monetary System" web page

"The Banque de France has decided to launch a website that aims to be a forum for sharing information on the International Monetary System. You will find reference articles on a data base, news and contributions by high-level academics and policy-makers"

Source: http://global-currencies.org/smi/gb/home.htm

[Mrt: and some important parts are here...]

References: http://global-currencies.org/smi/gb/reference/accueil-references.htm

Key speeches: http://global-currencies.org/smi/gb/key-speeches/key-speeches.htm

Speeches: http://global-currencies.org/smi/gb/speeches-papers/speeches.htm

Papers: http://global-currencies.org/smi/gb/speeches-papers/papers.htm

Research centers: http://global-currencies.org/smi/gb/links/research-centers.htm

[Mrt: If you find some Freegold related doc, please let me know.]

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