Wednesday, August 31, 2011

COLLECTION OF PAPERS - 000003936_5.pdf

First stages towards the creation of a European Bank
The creation of a European Reserve Fund

J. de Larosiere

pg. 177

The ECU as a parallel currency
W F. Duisenberg

pg. 185

The working of the EMS: A personal assessment
J. Godeaux

pg. 191

The ECU banking market
A. Lamfalussy

pg. 200

The ECU, the common currency and the monetary union
Gunter D. Baer
Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

pg. 208

A proposal for stage two under which monetary policy operations would be centralized in a jointly-owned subsidiary
A. Lamfalussy

pg. 213

The basic difference between the frameworks for policy decision-making provided by the EMS and EMU
Pierre Jaans

pg. 220

An operational framework for an integrated monetary policy in Europe
C. A. Ciampi


[Mrt: no read yet, just a fly through, will return in next posts to make picks, the J. de Larosiere´ERF is brilliant and the TMS is amazing stuff.]

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