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Global Goldrush emminent?

"...In the 19th and early 20th centuries, there were several major gold rushes.
The permanent wealth that resulted was distributed widely because of reduced migration costs and low barriers to entry. While gold mining itself was unprofitable for most diggers and mine owners, some people made large fortunes, and the merchants and transportation facilities made large profits. The resulting increase in the world's gold supply stimulated global trade and investment. Historians have written extensively about the migration, tradae, colonization, and environmental history associated with gold rushes..."

Notable gold rushes by date

Rushes of the 1690s

    Brazil Gold Rush, Minas Gerais (1695)

Rushes of the 1800s

    Carolina Gold Rush, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, US (1799)

Rushes of the 1820s

    Georgia Gold Rush, Georgia, US (1828)

Rushes of the 1840s

    California Gold Rush, California (1848)

Rushes of the 1850s

    Queen Charlottes Gold Rush, British Columbia, Canada (1850); the first of many British Columbia gold rushes
    Victorian Gold Rush, Victoria, Australia
    Fraser Canyon Gold Rush, British Columbia (1858–1861)
    Rock Creek Gold Rush, British Columbia (1859–1860s)
    Pikes Peak Gold Rush, Pikes Peak, Colorado (1859)
    Northern Nevada Gold Rush (from 1850–1934)
    Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Rushes of the 1860s

    Idaho Gold Rush, also known as the Fort Colville Gold Rush, near Colville, Washington state (1860)
    Central Otago Gold Rush, New Zealand (1861)
    Cariboo Gold Rush, British Columbia (1862–65)
    Stikine Gold Rush, British Columbia (1863)
    West Coast Gold Rush, South Island, New Zealand (1864–67)
    Big Bend Gold Rush, British Columbia (1865—66)
    Omineca Gold Rush, British Columbia (1869)
    Wild Horse Creek Gold Rush, British Columbia (1860s),
    Black Hills Gold Rush, Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming (1874–1878)
    Eastern Oregon Gold Rush (1860s–1870s)[clarification needed]
    Kildonnan Gold Rush, Sutherland, Scotland (1869)

Rushes of the 1870s

    Cassiar Gold Rush, British Columbia, 1871
    Palmer River Gold Rush, Palmer River, Queensland, Australia (1872)
    Pilgrim's Rest, South Africa (1873)
    Black Hills Gold Rush, The Black Hills, South Dakota (1874)
    Bodie Gold Rush, Bodie, California (1876)
    Kumara Gold Rush, Kumara and Dillmanstown, New Zealand (1876)
    Hungen, Hessen, Germany (1877)

Rushes of the 1880s

    Barberton Gold Rush, South Africa (1883)
    Witwatersrand Gold Rush, Transvaal, South Africa (1886); discovery of the largest deposit of gold in the world. The resulting influx of miners was one of the triggers of the Second Boer War.
    Cayoosh Gold Rush in Lillooet, British Columbia (1884—87)
    Tulameen Gold Rush near Princeton British Columbia

Rushes of the 1890s

    Tierra del Fuego Gold Rush, Tierra del Fuego, southern Chile and Argentina
    Cripple Creek Gold Rush, Cripple Creek, Colorado (1891)
    Westralia Gold Rush, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (1893, 1896)
    Mount Baker Gold Rush, Whatcom County, Washington, U.S.A (1897–1920's)
    Klondike Gold Rush, centered on Dawson City, Yukon, Canada (1896–1898)
    Atlin Gold Rush, Atlin, British Columbia (1898)
    Nome Gold Rush, Nome, Alaska (1898–99)
    Fairview Goldrush, Oliver(Fairview), British Columbia Canada

Rushes of the 1900s

    Fairbanks Gold Rush, Fairbanks, Alaska (1902–1905)
    Goldfield Gold Rush, Goldfield, Nevada
    Cobalt Silver Rush, 1903-5, Cobalt, Ontario, Canada
    Porcupine Gold Rush, 1909–11, Timmins, Ontario, Canada – little known, but one of the largest in terms of gold mined, 67 million ounces as of 2001

Rushes of the 1930s

    Kakamega gold rush, Kenya, 1932

Rushes of the 1970s

    Upper Amazon Gold Rush, Upper Amazon region, Brazil and Peru

Rushes of the 1980s

    Amazon Gold Rush, Amazon region, Brazil
    Mount Kare Gold Rush, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea[

Rushes of the 2000s

    Great Mongolian Gold Rush, Mongolia (2001)
    Apuí Gold Rush, Apuí, Amazonas, Brazil (2006); approximately 500,000 miners are thought to work in the Amazon's "garimpos" (gold mines).
    Peruvian Amazon gold rush, Madre de Dios (2009); gold prices are at record levels, creating a gold rush in Peru.


[Mrt: It is interesting to compare those and the world events on my timeline a post back.
From 1930 - 2000 there were just 4 "gold rushes" against 44 of them between 1800 - 1930.]

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