Saturday, May 25, 2013

FRBSF - 1974 - Special issue - Gold

Winter 1974-75



  1. Do you know of a More current version??

  2. Hi,
    Not from the same authors, there are thought few statements from US officials on this issue which go along the lines of FG. I try to concentrate on the official docs, there is plenty to choose from but only few worth to mention. There is for example the "BIS - The Banque de France’s view on gold and comments on the euro". All other countries have similar policies.
    Look for actions:
    The Bundesbank, for example, has maintained gold reserves at a conspicuously stable level during the past decades.
    BoJ is silent on gold issue - this policy was same in past - see wikileaks and discussion from BoJ officials & comments from USG.
    Then you have Oils and their position is also clear, I have added few papers from their sources.