Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Council of the EMI

Antonio Fazio
Banca d’Italia

Pierre Jaans
Institut Monétaire Luxembourgeois

Maurice O'Connell
Central Bank of Ireland

Urban Bäckström
Sveriges Riksbank

António José Fernandes de Sousa
Banco de Portugal

Alfons Verplaetse
Nationale Bank van België/
Banque Nationale de Belgique

Jean-Claude Trichet
Banque de France

Nout Wellink
De Nederlandsche Bank

Lucas D. Papademos
Bank of Greece

Klaus Liebscher
Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Edward A. J. George
Bank of England
Front row, from left to right:

Hans Tietmeyer
Deutsche Bundesbank

Sirkka Hämäläinen
Suomen Pankki

Willem F. Duisenberg
President of the EMI

Luis Ángel Rojo
Banco de España
Vice-President of the EMI

Bodil Nyboe Andersen
Danmarks Nationalbank

In the performance of its duties, the EMI Council is assisted by several committees, sub-committees and working groups. The Committee of Alternates, which is chaired by the Director General of the EMI, is composed of senior representatives of the EU central banks, who are appointed by the respective governors.The main task of this Committee is to contribute to the preparation of the meetings of the EMI Council. The Financial Committee is chaired by the Vice-President and comprises the two most senior members of the EMI Council, who serve for one year on a rotation basis.The Financial Committee’s main responsibility is to examine on the Council’s behalf the President’s proposals on the annual budget and the annual accounts, as well as periodical statements of expenses incurred by the EMI during the financial year, and to report on these to the EMI Council. The sub-committees and working groups are composed of experts from the national central banks.The chairpersons of the sub-committees and working groups are appointed by the EMI Council.


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