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Report on economic and monetary union in the European Community

Collection of papers submitted to the Committee for the Study of Economic and Monetary Union

This report has been prepared in response to the mandate of the European Council to study and propose concrete stages leading towards economic and monetary union


I - Introductory note

II - The Werner Report

G. D. Baer and T. Padoa-Schioppa: The Werner Report revisited (September 1988)

III - Papers relating to economic union

J. Delors: Economic and monetary union and relaunching the construction of Europe (September 1988) .

M. F. Doyle: Regional policy and European economic integration (December 1988) .

J. Delors: Regional implications of economic and monetary integration (January 1989).

A. Lamfalussy: Macro-coordination of fiscal policies in economic and monetary union in Europe (January 1989)

IV - Papers relating to monetary union

K. O. Pöhl: The further development of the European Monetary System (September 1988)

N. Thygesen: A European central banking system - Some analytical and operational considerations (October1988)

J. de Larosiere: First stages towards the creation of a European Reserve Bank The creation of a European Reserve Fund (October-December 1988)

W. F. Duisenberg: The ECU as a parallel currency (October 1988)

J. Godeaux: The working of the EMS: A personal assessment (November 1988)

A. Lamfalussy: The ECU banking market (December 1988)

G. D. Baer and T. Padoa-Schioppa: The ECU, the common currency and the monetary union (January 1989) .

A. Lamfalussy:
A proposal for stage two under which monetary policy operations would be centralized in jointly-owned subsidiary (January 1989)

P. Jaans: The basic difference between the frameworks for policy decision-making provided by the EMS and EMU (March 1989) .

C. A. Ciampi: An operational framework for an integrated monetary policy in Europe (April 1989) .

List of members of the Committee

Source: http://aei.pitt.edu/1008/

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