Saturday, January 21, 2012

W. F. DUISENBERG in short, a connection?

Chairman of the Board and President of the Bank for International Settlements - ending -> June 1997
Member of the Governing Councilof the Bank for International Settlments - ending -> June 1997
Member of the Governing Council of the European Monetary Institute  - ending -> June 1997
Governor of the International Monetary Fund  - ending -> June 1997

Another starts to post Oct 5 1997.

[Mrt: this could be just an interesting coincidence but NDA (Non Disclosure Agreements) could play a role]

Also very important is the post in EABH this is the link to R*.

[Mrt: There is no proof that He is the Another but the posting on the USAGold could be somehow connected.]

More about WFD:



  1. Mortymer - what is EABH? who is R?
    So many question and only few answers available these days.


  2. @S:
    R* - sooner or later you will find out.

  3. @S: This Freegold blog is a bit advanced and deals more with doc and research rather than giving straight answers. I can and will give you direction but a self-study is must. You have to climb the mountain yourself, I am not gonna to give you a lift.
    Good start if with Another, FOA, Fofoa.
    Check my second blog, there are links and also bit about a timeline. There is another TIMELINE on this blog which could be helpful.
    Ps, i am not playing a game, there is just a little bit of time to be spent. Enjoy!