Monday, September 19, 2011

SNB - 103rd Annual Report

Annual financial statements of the Swiss National Bank (parent company)

The annual financial statements of the Swiss National Bank (SNB) comprise the balance sheet, income statement and notes (art. 662 para. 2 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO)) and meet the requirements under Swiss company law (art. 29 of the National Bank Act (NBA), arts. 663 et seq. CO). The annual financial statements refer to the parent company, i.e. the SNB as a separate entity. Detailed information on the stabilisation fund is disclosed separately, as is information on the consolidated finances. The annual financial statements of the parent company determine the appropriation of profit.

"...In managing its investment portfolio, the National Bank lends part of its gold holdings to first-class domestic and foreign financial institutions. It receives interest in return. Gold lending transactions are effected on a secured basis. The gold price risk remains with the SNB. Gold loans are entered in the balance sheet under claims from gold transactions and stated at market value inclusive of accrued interest. The valuation result and interest are stated in net result from gold..."


This is continuation of: "SNB - 102nd Annual Report"

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