Monday, September 5, 2011

IMF - RESTEG - Update of the Reserve Assets Template Guidelines

Twenty-Third Meeting of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Washington, D.C.
October 25–27, 2010


"1.      The IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics (Committee) was informed at its November 2009 meeting that the review of the International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity: Guidelines for a Data Template (Guidelines) would gain momentum in the middle of 2010. A consultative process is underway now. As noted during the 2009 Committee meeting, an important element of the consultative process involves reconvening the Reserve Assets Technical Expert Group (RESTEG),1 and this was completed in September 2010. A draft schedule (Appendix I) for updating the Guidelines has been developed. The schedule calls for preparing a pre-publication draft of the Guidelines, for posting on the IMF website by December 2011..."

"...3. In regard to the revisions to the Data Template itself, in December 2008, the IMF Executive Board saw the need for closing the gap in the Reserves Template for exchangetraded futures settled in national currency. (It should be noted that the Terms of Reference of RESTEG notes that there were no intentions to change the Reserves Template, and so RESTEG members were consulted on the proposed changes to the Data Template. No objections were received.) The changes in the Reserves Template became effective in August 2009 (as detailed in BOPCOM-08/25)...."


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