Monday, July 11, 2011

CBs - Guardian of financial stability

Guardian of financial stability
December 2008

"The financial world in which DNB operates is changing faster each day. Some developments have been set in motion; others will surprise up tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next year...

...And we prepare ourselves for future developments...

...All these developments greatly influence DNB´s future. The financial world is rapidly changing and our activities and priorities change accordingly. But our mission will not change. Stability to us is worth its weight in gold."

Source: Guardian of financial stability

[Mrt: Yes, lets see how it looks in a nice graph e.g. here: Featured statistic: 54 tonnes; 2007]


  1. This is a phrase I think we will be re-familiarizing ourselves with in the future:

    "... worth its weight in gold."

    but we may take it a little more literally.

  2. Blondie, for me it screamed that CBs understand what is going on and that they maintain present system. The confirmation on it is in the linked doc where it shows how ounces are going down while the price of their hoard is going up in the same time. Nothing new under the sun on the Euro area landscape once one sees it and gets it :o)