Thursday, July 28, 2011

UN - The Commission of Experts (UN)

The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System

"Following the break out of the financial crisis that originated, in 2008, in the most advanced countries, and then spread over to the emerging economies and less developed countries, the President of the United Nations General Assembly convened a panel of experts to discuss the large array of issues related to it.
In the same breath, the President of the United Nations General Assembly established a Commission of Experts whose mandate is to reflect on the causes of the crisis, assess impacts on all countries and suggest adequate responses as to avoid its recurrence and restore global economic stability.
The Commission will thus produce a report on recommendations to be considered in the preparatory process leading to the Conference at the highest level on the world financial and economic crisis and its impact on development called for in the final document adopted at Doha in December 2008 (resolution A/RES/63/239)."

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