Tuesday, June 21, 2011

RM - Robert Mundell latest about Freegold

The Emerging New Monetarism: Gold Convertibility To Save The Euro

"...Professor Robert Mundell urges gold convertibility for the euro, the currency which he fathered, as well as for the dollar. This is a major step forward. Thought leaders are abandoning “old monetarism,” which was vainly fixated on quantity. Even its chief proponent, Milton Friedman, acknowledged old monetarism as unsuccessful in a 2003 interview with the Financial Times.  An emerging “new monetarism” is quickly taking its place — one that focuses on the quality, not quantity, of money.
Empirical data suggest that the gold dollar represents the epitome of quality.  As Forbes’ own Steve Forbes advised the presidential candidates last week, the “debate should be focused on what the best gold system is, not on whether we need to go back on one.”..."

Source: The Emerging New Monetarism: Gold Convertibility To Save The Euro


  1. I do not know if this is a coincidence but the date of the article 13.6 coincides with the turn in gold in Euros.

  2. Some other Mundell news:

  3. 13/June... rings another bell with me too.