Thursday, June 30, 2011

Milliarium Aureum?

Do Freegold roots lead us to Katholieke Universiteit Leuven?

(Strictly speaking, the Old University of Leuven is the oldest, and the Catholic University of Leuven is identified as a continuation of it although they are legally separate. See the History section.)

Well, there is certainly an important nod here, see:

...and many others, see:

Leuven has a good research and good libraries:

Mrt Update 18-08-2011:

One another name is missing. It is now very easy to find out :o)


  1. On behalf of Erebus:

    "What you seem to have uncovered (well, it wasn't secret) is that a group of "Euro aristocrats and deep thinkers", centered around Leuven Univ., DID assemble a coherent set of ideas and turned them into action. That they also had enough talent and influence to shape governments and central banks speaks to the coherence of their plan and to their talent and industry. This happened many times in history.

    I agree with you that TPS was a driving force inside the movement. I still feel that ANOTHER was not a "driving force", but knew most of the ideas, and most of the players. We may never know, and it really doesn't matter. What you have uncovered is much more valuable.

  2. post on behalf of Erebus n.2:
    "Always, always, always... these transitions (in business, personal life, politics, economics, etc etc) are what the politicos call "over-determined". Meaning that they are driven by a confluence of several streams of personalities/circumstances/events that make the decision inevitable. An acknowledgement of reality and not really a decision."


    Dornbush has also links to Leuven and his Dornbush group was important for TPS: