Thursday, June 27, 2013

SnB - What is money really about?

A brief introduction to the Swiss National Bank

The contents at a glance

The chapter on Money (page 4 onwards) tells you what money is, why we need it
and where our money comes from. [Money > Uses of money > Barter > Exchange value > Means
of payment > Banknotes > Central banks > Gold reserves]

The chapter on Banks (page 14 onwards) explains what interest is, how banks
increase the supply of money and how the National Bank acts as banker to the
banks. [Commercial banks > Interest > Banks as intermediaries > Increasing the supply of money >
Banking Law > Relationship with the National Bank > Electronic payments]

The chapter on Monetary policy (page 24 onwards) shows how the National Bank
supplies the country with money and why it also influences the money in our pocket.
[Money supply > Inflation, Deflation > Inflation forecast > Management of the money supply > Repo
transactions, Foreign exchange swaps > Monetary policy scenario> Exchange rates > Euro]

The chapter on the SNB (page 36 onwards) describes what sort of organisation
the Swiss National Bank is. [Functions of the SNB > Statutory basis > Independence> Services
provided to the Confederation > Organisation]


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