Sunday, February 12, 2012


WendyFeb 9, 2012 08:07 PM
Mortymer it would be good if you could open a discussion post that people could use to discuss the content of the site. It's hard to follow or initiate any discussions with so many posts. Just an idea :)

mortymerFeb 9, 2012 11:34 PM
I am not so sure if I understand, you mean a page -new post - which would be like a forum? Yes, that is easy. Is it what do you mean?

WendyFeb 10, 2012 06:11 AM
Yes mortymer, a page that everyone can go to knowing that there is ongoing discussion

WendyFeb 10, 2012 09:22 PM
mortymer have you given this more thought? I was thinking an open forum" post in each month. this would provide an avenue to discuss relevent information without having to "chase" each blog post.

Mrt: Ok.  /One condition: all offensive, non factual, personal posts will be deleted. Do not ask me for opinion, I am not an arbiter nor I have background of a CBer, I am just learning, the subject is very interesting and I know very little.


  1. Hello mortymer, thanks for the open forum. I just found it :D

  2. Hello Wendy, as you notice there is not much activity in comments, people come here more to study in silence. I do more communicate via email with few people and it helps to concentrate my research. I welcome good comments thought.

  3. I did notice. That's ok mortymer, it was nice to just say helo :)

  4. Hello mortymer,

    DP posted this at fofoa today:

    "A shame Mrt isn't commenting here at the moment, he might have posted a link about Iraq and red lines . "

    I don't know what he means in terms of Iraq and red lines, but i told him I would ask you if you had any relevent links.

    Do you?


    -> 1928

  6. Thanks for the link mortymer. I just read the gordon brown blog again, it's really a fantastic timeline. I haven't read all the US gov papers yet, but I intend to.

  7. You know also about this one, right:

  8. Yes that was the blog I read, it was a bit buried, and i know the first time I read it, I thought it was part of this blog. Have you added to it? I don't remember it as broad as it is. Anyways tons of great information.

  9. HI again,
    Yes sure I am adding here and there some info.
    Not frequently thought.
    There are few parallel projects ongoing atm.
    - There is the Original TIMELINE which helps me to understand the world events - its like a backlog of official events.
    - Then there is the ANOTHER/FOA timeline on RGGB blog which helps to understand A/F
    - And finally the main thing is this blog where I put sources for my research of monetary issues. It is not just freegold centric but a general - where is the monetary system evolving to...
    - Then I am of course backtracking Another, FOA :o) the results here on this front are mixed.
    - It is nice that also others can benefit from those notes I do.
    I know the form is not the best but my aspirations are different than of others.