Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LBMA - A Guide to the London Precious Metals Markets

A Guide to the London Precious Metals Markets

"This guide to the London precious metal markets was
produced and is published jointly by the London Bullion
Market Association (“LBMA”) and the London Platinum and
Palladium Market (“LPPM”). It updates the previous guide
issued by the LBMA in 2001 (which covered the markets for
gold and silver bullion) and extends the coverage to include
platinum and palladium. The publishers are pleased to
acknowledge the contribution of Douglas Beadle to the
preparation of the text describing the platinum and
palladium markets.
Any comments or questions about the guide should be
sent to its editor, Ms Susanne Capano at the LBMA."

"...The LBMA is a trade association that acts as the co-ordinator for
activities conducted on behalf of its Members and other
participants in the London bullion market..."


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