Saturday, April 9, 2011


* Through the amateur research of oil-gold-politics there were found too many online documents about these subjects. I follow quite few official sources and made quite few posts linking to interesting information. Sometimes it is good to return to those. Also, it is time to make some backlog with proper time-line to see a wider perspective.

* This is just a blog for myself or whoever finds this interesting.
The only purpose is to put things in proper order, re-read, collect links, re-learn, and to connect dots.

* No experience & no ambitions in this blogging area. I just try to educate myself this way.

* I will try to be minimalistic and exact, as little comments as possible.

* All posts are subject to change. That is the purpose! I do this just for fun in the little time I have left for doing this.

* Update not frequent. Private wiki style preferred, future destination.

* All data public.


***********THE RELEASE WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER****************

=>  If you have some nice link, post it in comments, I will upload/modify/keep if needed otherwise it will be deleted. Add link, reason why and source.

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